This is just a character I made up from my mind. Ralph van der Brookhoek Age: 12 Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Short Build: Thin, but actually muscular Home: The wilderness of South Africa Accent: South African Language(s): English and Afrikaans Personality: Brave, never afraid; fun-loving; adventure-seeking Bio: Born deep in the widerness of South Africa, Ralph van der Brookhoek was a boy who lived in a medium-sized outpost hut out in the middle of the desert in the Northern Cape province, along with his older sister, Erin. As Ralph and Erin were growing up, they stood up to dangerous animals, like snakes, cheetahs, and lions. So, one day, Ralph amd Erin's parents, impressed by their children's bravery, decided to let them live independently, since Ralph and Erin had proven that they could take well care of themselves, even at being pretty young. So, Ralph and Erin set forth to an abandoned shack house near an area of nice friendly animals,, where they had made comfortable. Ralph play with the animals and tackles with them for fun, while Erin gives the animals food and takes care of them.